Layne and I hung around the whole time. We weren’t going out, just to make that clear. He was kinda like a kindred spirit. We probably had crushes on each other, because I punched him in the stomach once, which is like a third-grader’s crush reaction, right?. And then he had his minions throw me in a bucket of water before we were supposed to play. I was immature. I kinda liked him but you just get confused when you are around the same people all the time.

Kat Bjelland about the convivence with Layne Staley during Lollapalooza 93’

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This is still fucking hilarious

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Only on the internet could you find a shark in a cat suit riding a roomba.

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a venn diagram of the things george washington said not to do and the things america did would be a circle

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doors of perception (1970 ed., cover design by pat steir)

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